The translucent position: be what you are


The loving-dawn fearlessly threatens. Those who are born out of love threaten without fear.

And with punctuality the light comes, and the infinite and immense darkness of Mystery shows itself to us generous, complaisant, kindly.

And with it frees us from thinking of the dark, shameful and evil..., and the light, blessed and holy. And we join to dissolution of the dual and an impeccable precision of the influence, towards the living, of that Creative Mystery that sways in the rain. That in every drop there is a message. Oh! That calls out for us -in every novelty, in every unforeseen event, in every unexpected event-... it calls out for a response from us, an attitude without any stress!

The Creator Mystery is not a sniper. It is a precise, timely and immeasurable possibility; “possibility” as... not as between the doubt of yes or no, but possibility in terms of the infinite of its resources.

And every being gets one of those drops, and it becomes a messenger. And that drop is necessary. And anyone could say: “Well, one drop less…”. No. The exquisiteness of Creation is unfathomable. Yes!, of dizzying plunge into the abyss. And yet we are held and cushioned so that we really show and exercise our message. Without delay!... With the precise aim of the right opportunity. “With the precise aim of the right opportunity”.

And this is how the being tunes in with Creation and knows how to position itself.  “Knowing” without study, without preparation. A “knowledge” that goes with the flow.

As the Salm said: “Take me after you”.

And that “exercise” –let's call it that- is not an esoteric Manichaeism –with respect to all that-. No. It is not esoteric Manichaeism. It is a practice in being. In the “good morning”, “hello”, “how are you”; in the smile, in the seriousness.

It is showing transparencies.

That gift of self-importance that has made us –and intended to make us- solid, immovable and irreducible blocks, rational, sedentary and obtuse, in reality, all of that is a transparency. But hedonism, by losing what is important –which is “stand out”-, makes that transparency thick, dense. It stops being translucent.

And the Prayer Call invokes us to that transparency, which does not prevent intimacy, the silent position, the trajectory of the personal message...

We are neither broken glass nor opaque, nor are we transparencies exposed to being painted, beaten or... hidden to not get broken.

The translucent aspect of the being is not afraid. It is expressed in what is appropriate, in the opportunity that arises, that demands. And it surprises us, and we surprise others! And that is the translucent reflection and it is the creative, expansive innovation.

The Prayer Call reminds us that the Species Life is an unusual and unfathomable event, and we have to exercise that consciousness, when it comes to being, in which everyone is essential and necessary. Those who are there, those who transit and those who are not yet... are absolutely necessary.

And in that need lies the contribution of the goodness of every being, without slavery!, without giving up its message. For it is true that, in the community of human living matter, there is that sacrificial position, of renunciation, for others to progress.

That is an offense at loving-dawn. When loving dawn breaks –we are born by Love- does the Universe perhaps make a sacrifice? No! No means “no".

But in the coexistence, it is easy for one to shine or obtain or have or achieve or reach, he has to bring a court of sacrificed, slaves 'renouncing' their own message.

And it doesn’t mean –“and not, for that reason”- to deny the service, abnegation at times, dedication, for a transparent necessity. Of course! But without that constituting a sacrifice. Because there are more human sacrifices than it seems, and that is told in History as "something that happened in the Mayan empire!", as "something that happened in...".

Something that happened... and happens!

Otherwise, ask the feminine: whether or not it happens.

It is convenient –“what comes with it”, which is what takes us-, in that translucent instant, to know how to be a servant, but at the same time, in service, to be served. May it be part of our destiny. A destiny which is not a prominent fatalism, no. A destiny that is the “tune” that Creation has so that each being has its virtue, with which it has been endowed by necessity of the mystery of the Species Life, of the mystery of living matter.

There are no discounts. There are no postponements. No, “I'll leave it for later”; no, “we'll see later”. We insist: is dawn delayed perhaps?

Light makes its way through the unfathomable goodness of darkness. And even luminous egomania admits that the Universe is dark in matter and energy, and is not... known. It's Mystery. But it is “Creator”.

And in that simile or in this sample, we could say that each being is a translucent instant in the unfathomable darkness. And, consequently, we are –each one in our different positions- that “luminous one” that illuminates us... and that Creation uses to carry us.


Yes. Hallelujah! because, if this is the case -and this is how the Prayer Call is expressed- we do not need to be important, we do not need to be fundamental  we do not need to be protagonists, we do not need to be knowers of microbes of universes, of bacteria, of materials or anything else we claim to know about.

As another Prayer said: “we are extras in the movie, we are not protagonists!”. Such a relief!...

The one who sets himself up as the protagonist daily -and it is the most frequent-apart from spending enormous amount of energy on grooming himself, on taking care of himself, on keeping quiet, on hiding, on showing himself...Uff! How tiring! How tiring, to be what you are not! Very tiring! You have to put on the mask, the cape, the sword... Please!

On the contrary, we have the constant opportunity, in that translucent position –“the constant opportunity, in that translucent position”- to be luminaries: like fireflies, which illuminate in a leap.

And we don't have to take any special course or master's degree. We simply have to be what we are. Each one must be what they are and what they know… – thus, not with certainty, but with emotional intuition- a little, a little bit, who they are. He intuits why he has been brought in, and perhaps he dares to show himself in what he must do.

There can't be more moments of glory!, compared to the protagonist, who has to get ready, prepare and so on... every day. No. Glory is in being what we are: glorious! Because by doing so we fulfil the need and pleasure of service. We already discovered each one's moment of glory. We no longer need to be important!

Hallelujah! –that’s why we said: Hallelujah!-.

"Oh! It's just that so-and-so..." "Oh! "It's just that little guy..." "Oh! It's just that group is... "Oh! It's just that painter...”.

Vanities. Pure vanities! With bedbugs without bedbugs... -this is not understood but it doesn’t matter-. With bedbugs without bedbugs. And they are, tied up to that story.

But what is this? Life is liberation, it is not tying!

“No, because Picasso…”. “No, because Beethoven…”. “No, because Pascal…” “No, because such and such…”. And we are there, in the strangling tangle of a false history that is demonstrating its weaknesses. But it seems that beings do not dare to be what they are!, and they need the tuning fork to set the rhythm; they need the frequency to…

We come, we are and we are here to liberate, not to enslave ourselves in any specialty.


And to the rhythm of the rain...

Yes. That beat of each drop; that touch of the intangible, which is diluted in contact with the material, and each time it comes together...; this plurimorphism of water gives us a sample of our disposition -that we are water- so that we are capable of that constant second of glory and that permanent being 'servant'.


And no! It is not a Protestant preaching prayer, no; or evangelical one, no. We do not identify with any position, nor do we have a background! Every prayer is a surprise, an encouraging balm.

But we respect and collect what is recognized, what is useful to some extent.


We are all shepherds and sheep at the same time. We all wear the tolón-tolón horn around our necks, indicating where we are, so we know with whom we are going. Without enslaving. Without sacrificing.

Can we perhaps come to think that this unfathomable Mystery Creator of the Universe generates his creatures to sacrifice them every day?, to subjugate them?, to...? Please!

Yes. From the hedonistic point of view –and more than hedonistic, egomaniacal- we could say that rain is God’s tears –no doubt!- due to the position of humanity.

It is another version, but egomaniacal.

The Divine does not cry. It does not need any human qualities. Please! But it is valid to reference ourselves to feel part of all Creation.

The Prayerful Call becomes an impulse… a revealing impulse. A privilege...

It is a privilege that floods us in new magnitudes.

And therefore, we must be in that Prayerful Sense, to be worthy representatives of that dawn; and when the first clarity appears, we feel that we are part of it.

Yes. Because... it dawns for everyone. And won't it be, won't it be that each being is an infinite particle of that dawn?

Could it not be that the sun –as such a star of medium or small magnitude, which is at the middle of its life- is an appearance? Could it not be that the living matter, the Life Species, under the Creative Mystery, is the one that shows us that dawn?; that, if we were not there, there would be no dawn?

And it is easy to deduce it. Even from the physical point of view. What need would there be for dawn, in a place where there is no life?

Consequently, is not life –the life of every being, including human behaviour- the tiny bit of light that makes dawn possible?

Consequently, each one can be considered a dawn. Not as “important”, but as “present”.

And we should all be immensely grateful –to some and to others and others- because thanks to our quantum of luminosity, dawn breaks.

And we become echoes of being born out of Love.

Yes. It may seem exaggerated to us, or a simply comparative system, but that is due to our reason and our 'complexion' of motivations, which is already organized and structured; and when we hear something that doesn't fit and doesn't work, it is rejected... or it is put up for discussion or... or it is voted out.

And, when praying, do not let doubt occur. Don't let discernment give its opinion. It is feeling that it is being the one who prays, the one who listens. Because they implore for it! Because every prayer is an implore of Creation. We timidly try to imitate, and we implore the rain in the drought, and we implore the drought in the floods, and we implore for our pretensions...

That is not the position.

It is -yes- mysterious and contradictory, that the Creative Mystery implores for us.

Does it take away our prominence...?

Maybe so.

Or could it be that, since we cannot understand it, it does not fit into our scheme. 

But does our “fee…ling” enter into our scheme?

Our scheme has become egotistical and idolized for its reason, its intelligence and its capabilities. And even to such a point that, when it feels –“feels”-, it will find some reason to explain it. And when it finds it, it stops feeling.

May the sigh... may the luminous sigh, in the dawn, become translucent now!

And may the daring life be encouraged to exercise, for that unfathomable imploring.






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