When the reference is the Creation


And the more the being is referenced with its Universal sense, with its belonging to the Mystery… the hand of Creation is more evident, and less interferes with the Creative processes; it becomes more an accomplice of a shared Creativity, harmonized, communal, consensual...

Thus the error is not present.

The error is generated to the extent that the being becomes 'exclusive', separated, divided, authorized and becomes egomaniac, and idolizes himself in his capabilities...

In those positions the debate arises, the combat is inevitable; and dependence on punishment, dependence on prejudices, the dependence on the opinion of others… becomes a battle war is waged.

Creation, from the instances of the Creator Mystery, constantly gives us options to perceive the care, the efforts that life exercises to maintain us, to keep us, to promote us, so that we are able to see, to feel, through others, that Creator love!; that love without prejudice, that love given! that asks nothing in return.

Through the others… we discover, through our feelings of communion, of attraction… and by others towards us, that the Mysterious desire in love is the represented product of Creation through all beings!

And often there is a controversy in the being, related to what his vocation, his dedication, his preparation, his gifts intuit... and what he does, what he expresses, what he prepares, what he leads. A duality in which he “would like to be…”, but it turns out that he behaves, acts and feels differently. It is the product of that double side that, inevitably, emerges as opposition, as clarification.

In one case the reference is the Mystery, the Creation; in another case, the reference is oneself, or to be more precise, what others want us to be.

It is similar to the contradiction between those who sigh, aspire, proclaim and talk about their libertarian yearnings… and at the same time, before any discussion, problem or infidelity, they appeal to the laws.

Will there be anything more false than a law?

If I preach the libertarian sense -and even more the liberator one- the law is a failure; it is an inducer of rebellion.

Human communities produce and produce laws incessantly, tirelessly: to force, punish, persecute, observe, spy, control... And the humanized being -not the deified one- is convinced of the efficacy of the law. Never better said the word: "convinced” (conquered). Their liberating moods remain like... impossible, unlikely, unthinkable! –of course!-. And so it becomes a... a piece of manipulation, which attends to the powers of the moment; that they will later be modified, those laws will be changed for others, and they will all promise us securities.


In this discussion between the human of the ego, and our Divine reference to the Creator Mystery, each time we are contemplating how the being moves away from its Origin. The being assumes more and more economy of its living, although this involves being in a jail: a jail of performance, exploitations, possessions, desires... Countless bars that are not seen, or they are seen but it compensates for a moment of... pleasure? Does it come to that?

         It is important that when the being is… -by moments, by times, it will depend on each being- he is referenced in that love, in love with Creation, freed from his slave-attachments, and ready to share and attracted to solidarity!, it is frequent -important, we have already said- but it is frequent that, when we see those who are referenced by their egomania, idolatry, etc., they are seen as opponents, enemies... -when this happens- it is a defect of arrogance.

Because isn’t it more appropriate from the one that is referenced in the Divine, to contemplate the one who is not, as also coming from the same place, also coming from that Unnameable Creation?

Will it not be, perhaps, when that “camouflaged arrogance" arises, will it not be perhaps that we are confronted, put in front of us, what is not suitable as… temptation, as if temptation were to prove us, to evaluate us…?

Yes; that seems a very human quality, but, the origin of life is not the creation of "good" and "bad", -as we have been told- nor the passing of life, until the consummation of time, is a permanent war until the final triumph of the "good". No.

The Creator Mystery is not cruel.

Undoubtedly, it is a Force or an Expression of Love so immeasurable that, what is handled here daily as love, is a sample so small!, that sometimes, it is possible to think that it is not so!

For this reason, do not fall into the trap of that dualism that, even if the being decides that version of "idyllic Creator reference” that does not entail the inevitable controversy, confrontation... Because when it is like that, even if you feel you are in the right way, it gravitates over you, that the "others", "those" or "these" do not share that vision; claiming to other! prominence, importance, profit, security...

It is true that, very often, this experience referenced towards the unknown, generates pedantic, superior or privileged attitudes. Does Creation with its greatness claim a privileged position?

The being becomes great when it is discovered as an expression of the Divine. Its committed exercise does not need will or propaganda or attachment; it makes him, evidently, a “server”.

And that server is not concerned about the criticism, the opinion, the attack, the injustice of the egomania, No. He hears it, he sees it, it hurts him, it grieves him…, but his affiliation to the Creative-Creator is decidedly... untouchable.

Consequently, the one who is on the path of liberation, does not run away, does not escape, does not deny, does not isolate himself. If he does, he is afraid of being infected, so he is not truly liberated. He has his own doubts. And doubts are the territory of egotism and idolatry. And sooner or later, one falls into the securities, into profit, reason... And we can see that in many cases.

So when you are in that liberating walk, the isolation, the separation, no ... No. Yes to care, yes to alert, yes to alarm… to preserve. But not isolation, not privilege, not combat...

We are in the living. In a common life that necessarily shares, necessarily is unified and united, even if it is fought and is distorted.

And it is exactly in the hedonistic, in the selfish, where the liberating path can best be witnessed; where the Loving Presence shines better.

It is not the healthy one who needs care. It is the sick one who needs help. But in the care, do not fall into the personal importance, or do not fall bound by the demands of the needy.

Our doing and example should be a reference so that, the one who needs, the one hurt, the one that claims, can adhere to another reference that is not his pain, his worry, or his continued blackmail.

Oh! And how many people succumb to that blackmail! And how many lose their way because of a very poorly understood service!

Do not interpret the generous desire for service, with the lack of rigor.

The majority of humanity thinks and feels that it is the maker, the creator, the owner of life. And it exercises as such, and it draws borders… floods with laws the coexistence… prohibits and prohibits under the hammer of power and violence… And a fearful humanity is brewing, to which it is often added… -often in the liberating way, in the way of feeling heir of that Mystery- he usually adds the fear of God!, the fear of the Divine!



It was already said: the Loving Creation is not cruel. It is not fear what incites me to kindness, to truth, to sincerity. No. It is precisely love what inspires me to commitment, to dedication, to service.

Therefore, I have nothing to fear about my origin. Rather I have to take care of the testimony, and being, and doing. And before the test wave or... difference with what is done, do not fall into the trap of being frightened, intimidated or fight.

Life is a Creative, Mysterious complaisance.

The Prayerful Sense, with its call, feeds us, nourishes us, warns us. It is that sun that dawns. It is that moon that darkens. It is that breath of breath! It is that admiration of feeling!

The soft dawn sighs us with its colours, the Creator reference. It inspires us with its sounds, the creativity in the being! It makes us liberated in the immensity of the Universe, as if we did not exist. But we are...

“Do not get lost in the journey of the Eternities”.

The Sense is clear.

The dawn -to be born by loving- is permanent and continuous.

There they take us!




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