And living, living is made in memories of each day.

And each elapsed moment remains imprinted in the soul of the being... as if it were food for some moment of hardship or need. And, at the same time, we are watering memories that the environment has of us.

And so, memories and recollection become food, if not torment. Hence the need to decide which are food and which are heavy burdens of torment.

The Praying Call takes us to the memories of Infinite; yes, those that cease to be memories; that are always present -just to give them a location.

In the memories of the Eternal there is no time. So, there are no memories, because there is no past, no present, and no future. There are "eternities".

And this word, which overwhelms us in its meaning, is a word of liberated dispositions..., since, time is not precise, everything has happened and everything happens at the same time. Yes, it is like saying that everything that is happening has already happened, but at the same time it is happening.

It is not necessary to delve into reason and knowledge; it is... instinct of eternity, which should provide us. And in this instinct of eternity, memories become eternal. Everything that happens is eternal. It is the manifestation of the infinite.

If we make out of living an eternal presence, we will stop accumulating, forgetting, retaining... We will cohabit with what is indispensable, necessary and precise for the demand for help.

It is difficult to understand, when the norm calls for "security", when the norm calls for demands.

It is evident that the conception of... being, of living, that has been gestated by human wisdom, has become limiting, limited. It has become appearance. It has not reached a consensus with Eternity, with the Infinite. It has indulged in its wisdom, in its possession, in its capacity. And all this at the end, just to give up.

And, through repetition, the consciousness of "beginning" and "ending" has been created. And there is no eternity there. There is no infinitude.

The Prayerful Call urges us to position ourselves in living, without "beginning" or "ending". Changing coordinates to "infinitude" and "eternity".

This is how we free ourselves from the corset of everything expires, that everything is decaying, that... as they say: "In the end...".

To experience, in being-doing-feeling and thinking, that I dwell in the infinitude, which has brought me to fulfil, to exercise, to realise myself in the Eternal, which would be Life: "Eternal Life".

They seem to be two things: Infinitude and Eternity. Actually, it is the same, but in order to free ourselves from the slavery of memories -and leave them in the past-, and of the beginning and the end..., we must make a previous step of Infinity and Eternity, before accessing the unimaginable contemplation.

So, I pass in an Infinite and I become concrete in an Eternity.

I pass in an Infinite and I become concrete in an Eternity.

And all events detached from time nourish me. And with it, I evolve, I creativize my presence... and I make myself available to my service: the one that corresponds to me, which is always more and more than I can think of.

And the Infinite inspires me. Actually, it breathes for me. In reality... I have never existed. I have been a reflected luminary of the Creator Mystery. But, if we are to be, Eternity accompanies us. And if we are to assume our material "coverage", we make of memory an actuality... and we make ourselves memories for others, for others... detaching ourselves from the superfluous, the conditioning, the conditioned.

Yes, silences become eternal And the moments, infinite.

When Prayer transports us into these vibrations, it is easy to enter into contradictions or attempts at understanding, comprehension and reason; or rather to place ourselves in a bubble, like a parenthesis, knowing that what we are told is "not really so".

We must be alert. And since we are called to pray, we must at least accept that possibility! And it is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. Prayer is not negotiated; it is lived!

And the Call and the Praying Sense that adorns us... are experiences of the Universe; day to day positioning; evolutionary nourishment; on-going training.

By assuming the expression of the Eternal through silence, we can hear the songs of the stones... the jokes of the plants... the ballads of the water... the whisper of the stars...

With the infinite beginning and the eternal presence, our vocation to get things done, from the material to the immaterial, is done with the neatness and quality of an "always".

An "always" that is the yes to accept ourselves, to accept the passing, the happening... without the banal spirit of contention, possession, liking or disliking; rather, with a participation, always!, that is distilled from the Eternal that began in the Infinite.

And so, we can say that we are troubadours of infinite legends, who travel eternally... and become present according to need.

In the "always"-"eternal"-"infinite", we gather three words that evade us from habit, from repetition; that always evoke innovation: that texture of quality, that surprises us, that impresses us, that produces admiration in us.



La prière que nous réalisons est une prière qui n’est circonscrite à aucune religion. Nous croyons que la prière peut être un instrument Libérateur et Guérissant. La prière a comme référence la Création, les différentes Forces qui nous animent sans leur donner un nom. La croyance que la Prière est un élément indispensable pour nous, elle nous a amené à créer un espace qui lui est exclusivement dédié : « La Maison du Son de la Lumière », c’est un lieu situé dans le Pays Basque, à Vizcaya, dans un hameau. Là bas se réalisent des journées de retraite. « La Maison du Son de la Lumière » ARGI DOINU ETXEA se trouve dans la localité de Ea, Vizcaya (Pays Basque Espagnol). C’est un espace ouvert aux élèves de l’Ecole Neijing, lesquels peuvent demeurer sur place de 1 à 5 jours.


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