Survival has not yet been overcome


 Perhaps, the origin of... exalting and drawing attention to dramas, tragedies, complications, despairs... of the species, obeys to the long history that supposed and supposes to survive....

And interestingly, to a long history that in the beginning could have been because of external factors, to difficulties of adaptation... like any other dynamic of live.

Once these difficulties have been overcome -to some extent-, the significant claim that is had for the conscience of harmfulness, disturbing, and drama... now comes from the species itself.

A picture of maladjustment of the species itself.

Even though in the surroundings -in other times and now- the species joins, sympathizes, commits itself to resolve, to console, when those critical moments pass... the human community declares an enemy of itself.

The Prayerful Sense warns us, at this moment in history, that survival has not yet been overcome...; and that we are still... looking for a way to not disappear, since the threat of the species itself is significant towards itself and towards the whole environment.

It would seem that the endowment that each being has... and the training as a species, is abandoned or desperate due to the inability to resolve the experiences of their own coexistence.

It was even said –for the sake of reference- that "man is a wolf for man".

On the one hand it seems that, once the environment has been conquered, the best and the most attractive conquest is of our kinfolk, because they are the ones who are going to put more resistance and more impediment; and each one at their own level would behave in that way.

Forgotten the creational origin, remains the vestige of that Creative Force; but that vestige remains, in the shape of authority, in the form of power.

And thus there are -as humanity- beings who demand their dose of authoritarianism, to command, order, classify, determine..., and a long etcetera of exercise of power. As if it were "divine".

The theoretical sapience, instead of becoming a hallelujah of "thanks" for being an engine of awe and wonder before the Creation, becomes a cluster of personal -or group- achievements, from which competitions are established with each other. 

It stops recognizing the Creator's disposition... of showing its secrets, but maintaining its Mystery.

And the discovery is assumed as something... of a personal, of group, governmental, state, imperial achievement...

And this is how the disturbing takes prominence. On the other hand, conciliation keeps silent. It hides! Even sometimes it is ashamed!

It seems -and in fact some people believe it- that war is the indispensable mechanism of purification; that every X rhythms of time it must appear, with cruelty and crudity, to restore what is left… with spirits of improvement.

And we have to ask ourselves: In what stage are we now?

If we go part by part of the human settlement, in each place we will have particular, different characteristics, but we will have that common link of highlighting the suffering and silencing the joyfulness.

If we group the mission... the mission of envisioning the entire human community, the result could be that it is a species in the midst of a chronic war, which makes of this -war- a way of life. And it survives... by dint of startles!; by dint of frights of fear!

Unsure of their ability, and pride of knowledge..., each group or each being makes their interests prevail without looking at the repercussions.


The word becomes a complaint… which some times becomes a lament; other times in whispers of tears…

That continued complaint in any configuration... is a sign of manifest incapacity to achieve a balance, a harmony. And that should be enough to claim from oneself another vision than the exclusive protagonist role, and to reference in the Mystery... and its languages. And like this, to be aware of the care, of the resources, of the means, of our capabilities... as a product of an Unnameable Creation.

The differences in quality of life... without uniform criteria, but the differences in the quality of life, in groups of criteria, are so great!... that it is almost an abyss to find a uniformity, a “solidary” .

Each being, in its intimate stay, is called to remain, to survive!... under the sign of innocent and joyful ignorance that knows -like the infant- he is taken care of by those who know...

That stay of intimacy, that hideaway of faith... is available, is alive!

So, aware of this increase of destructive consciousness, consciousness of extinction, it should alert us and alarm us -without fear!- about the knowledge of our nature.And that knowledge is not the knowledge of the power of the mind, nor the knowledge of... the knowledge that leads to control and power. It is a knowledge of faith!... It is knowledge that knows... that does not know. "He knows he does not know."

He knows and has the consciousness that he lives in the infinite!... And that any project of power and self-sufficiency is a kidnapping of the true nature of the being, and is doomed to failure.

 The winners, the powerful people, the controllers... of the species itself, show us their skills from their towers, from the vertex of their pyramids..., and encourage us to ascend towards them!, while eliminating us in the ascent.

And thus they maintain themselves, between castes of power, successive positions of establishing infinite differences; in such a way that one lives from the waste of the other; and the other, from the waste of that; and that, from the waste of that other one...

Progress... thus becomes an expression of war, of reaching the top, of competing, of using... the environment and others, and leaving them by the gutters or roads.

This way the chronic war, the institutional complaint, the organized despair, the forgetfulness of the complaisance, the permanent mistrust, with a fear of flight!, are assured... making coexistence more and more difficult.

Awakening to these visions, which can be classified... - despair also expected this- classified as exaggerated, unthinkable..., with this strategy, if you are not alert and alarmed, with this strategy you will continue in the ignominy of a provoked ignorance and, consequently, in a continuous, chronic, warrior repetition of chronicity.

We barely aspire to survive!... between fears, indecisions, doubts!...

Is it not that obvious?

And in that frame of mind, is it not true that the being does not find, in its egomania, solutions?

Realizing these processes has to make us... raise the flag of the Universe. It has to make us see the expectant and incredible Creator superabundance, in relation to the miniature of existence, of life.

And this is how we can vibrate in the faith, decipher the Providences and follow their designs, to be able to create and recreate ourselves in the complaisance of living... and in the relief of knowing that we are cared for, gifted, capable of surviving!

 And to recognize it, not because of our willing efforts, but because of those mysterious coincidences that take us through the air, and that do not reveal us more... because, just with what little they have let us see, we didn’t know how to manage it.

Hence the need for that innocent ignorance that trusts, that believes!, that ‘creativizes’ the day by day!... based on the faith that providentially appears...; that is insinuated in each corner.




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