Full Trust


Given the level of consciousness of reason, logic, understanding, science, the passing of events leads to discouragement.

We trust on this or that, and ... sometimes yes, sometimes not, sometimes no, sometimes no, sometimes yes...

 More often "no" than "yes”, due to the arbitrariness of the powers, due to the distortion of the duties, due to the fantasies without proposals...

All this causes discouragement, and conscious "tension fall" occurs at any moment, and as if everything collapsed -on one hand- or, as if everything were in doubt -on the other hand- or ... the genesis of a permanent indecision.

At times, the prayer, the song and the illusion raise the beliefs through the clouds. Even... even fervour of love is insinuated. Even that. Then, moving on to another moment, that experience, that feeling... gets numbed, it becomes detached, it gets tired.

Above all, he justifies himself... and avoids any commitment. There is always some good justification. There is always a good excuse.

And that is how human thinking is elaborated and combined today. And so "we cannot", in the sense of "training": we do not train for changes, for new things to be installed, for bravery that... show your face.

.- Do you understand that?: "show your face"? What, what, what... what does that mean?

.- Ah! To face! Yes! It means... to not turn your back.

When we show our face, we show ourselves in our spongy intimacy, through the senses.

But we elude them, and we turn our backs.

Before, for example, it was said: "Men show their faces!". Before they also smelled of tobacco and rum... or of hoofs.

And now?, what is it said? What is it said in the underworld, in the middle world, in the higher world of the State? What is it said?

.- What does man give?...

.- No he does not give… He takes away.   

.- Ah! And the woman? Does she show her face...?

- On the bias!... Yes, on the bias. No... She does not dare...

So we are in the three levels: in the underworld, in the middle world and in the higher world of the State, with a "bias"and a "remove"...

.- A "bias" and a "remove"... And with that what... what do we do?

.- With that deterioration is made. Good deterioration is made, of waste of scrap, of residue. It becomes recyclable deterioration, nothing original, nothing authentic. Mental deterioration is... made, in which ideas are obsessing and securities of established things are anxiously searched for.

Horror! Horror!...

It becomes acceptable, again, that "better is the bad known than the good to know".

The Praying Sense... rings the bells to us. Yes; as in boxing matches... in which, after three minutes -which sometimes become interminable-, the fight is stopped to have a minute and a half... to refresh, to relieve, to try to heal the eyebrow wound or... or to give words of encouragement to continue the fight. A voice is heard from afar, during the break, saying: "Seconds off!".

Yes; it is the announcement that the coach, the one who puts the sponge in your mouth, the one who encourages you, supports you, has to go, and you have to stay alone and go out again to war, to hit...; "to show your face".

Yes. Boxing is already in disuse. We are more civilized. Because when they broke your face... it hurt! And now, almost at the end of boxing, a toxic or radioactive product is preferable, or a contumacious deception, or ... or an unexpected betrayal. Now there is another more… “civilized” style.

 If civilization awaits us with these strategies, it is obvious that we are not in the Creation. Inevitably we belong to it but emotionally we belong to hypocrisy and betrayal.

And so, today you may fear that a space station falls on your head. Well, it has fallen into the sea, but it could have fallen on your head! You may have a nuclear alarm... a new war may start... or there may be a military coup at any moment.

All of that in the international field. In the everyday field... it may happen that we finally discover that the diplomatic corps was a corps of spies. All of them!

.- Ahhh! But it was not it a body of etiquette, of care, of...?

.- ¡No! 

.- Spy corps ...? How vulgar!

.- Yes, but as French is spoken, it looks good.

And so the surprises come, without realizing it, nationally and internationally. Then, some celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of their State, Israel, while others protest for it. And so, to celebrate, seventeen die. And the rest, which were meticulously reached on their feet, fill up the medical services -sic- that there may be in Gaza.

Oh no! With this comment we do not intended to leave the Israelis as "bad", no. That would be trap; it only –with this comment-, shows the incapacity of the parties, so religious they are, so believing, so devout, so hypocritical, so traitors!... to their faith, to their beliefs.

So if that is the general breeding ground, what will be the particular one of... the growers?

Well... corruption, cheating, antipathies, little punishments, disappointments, chastisements, concealments, fears... Everything, everything the same as before -but smaller- plus the particularities of each being, see neurosis, obsession, mania, hyperactivity, apathy, depression, psychopathy, sociopathy, dysphatic empathy... " “Dysphatic empathy", eh?

That is to say that... to the great movements that reach...  us!, we add the small movements that we create, plus!, plus!, plus!... the psychopathy of each one, they mark the point of... "the alarm point".

Notice, the Chinese already knew: the "alarm" points exist. How heavy! Xi, Xi, Xi. As the name of the Chinese president, the powerful Xi.


And they did not know very well what the alarm points were for. Things were said -things are said-, but look, now it also turns out that... they are psychotic allies that can help us with that obsession of hobbling and hobbling and hobbling and hobbling…

In these situations, the Sense of Prayer suggests us two words: trust -which is a word of this year's motto-... "full trust".

Trust in what each one represents, does, thinks and feels. And so, it will show face inevitably, and can be washed, cleaned, and presented properly.

Trust in that experience that was initially mentioned because of the prayer, because of that moment of... strange vibration that lasts so little! -so little, so little, so little!.

To the extent that we approach our soul experiences, 'souled', beloved!, felt!, with the trust that it is what sustains us, what maintains us, what elevates us, what changes us, what renews us, what gives meaning to life..., if we approach these events with "full trust", that is, with all our training... and consequently we exclude justifications, alibis, lies, we will be -in that way- building... advancing... recreating... complaisantly pleased!; sincere.

We are called to be "new"... in the full trust towards the souled.

We are called to be improvisedly creative.





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